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Music Class


This project focuses on pairing children with various special needs and circumstances with our Harmony Heroes in a group class setting. Here, peers create friendship and questions can be answered while learning new songs and methods. This class is a discounted group class for all participants.

Music Class


This expressive project is to improve and maintain the physical, psychological, and social well-being of individuals by meeting the individual needs of our Mozarts. Unlike the peer practice, this will be a sponsored private class.

Circle of Colored Pencils



Created for "the unteachable," this project focuses on teaching music and theory in an unconventional way by color association, bringing to light synesthetic components and gifts found often within our Mozarts.

Image by Larm Rmah


Ms. Zoe is excited to announce she will be traveling to Morocco to teach at an underprivileged school. In establishing an international partnership with this school we have an Amazon donation list that will help us get the items they need to kick-off their musical program.

Gala Table


The Finding Mozart Project will host its first gala in 2020. Guests will have an opportunity to find out more about the The Finding Mozart Project Sponsorship within the foundation and enjoy an evening of music and fine food. For more information, contact Brittany White at

Piano on Stage


With two full recitals a year along with a fall musical, The Finding Mozart Project is excited to be vocal about its place in the normalcy of the arts at RBR and Irving Ballet School. Between Harmony Heroes and Creative Methods, every child entrusted to learn through us is bound to find their anthem.

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