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3308 Irving Mall, Irving, Texas, 75062


Ron Bultongez

Ron Bultongez

Singer/Songwriter, American Idol Finalist

Andrés Ángel

Andrés Ángel

Virtuoso Pianist and Salvadorian Composer

Twang Train

Twang Train

Country Bluegrass Band

TK Brown

TK Brown

Nashville Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist


Imagine all colors. All creeds. Standing side by side. Singing together, one song. 

Join us as the world unites together. Sings together. Heals together. Music is the miracle that will heal our broken world.  


There's a place we can go

Where there are people we don't know

But we love them anyway

And they look nothing like us


People We Don't Know, Lyrics by Ron Bultongez


Our world is hurting. Our world needs healing. We woke up one day in the middle of a worldwide Pandemic, and we are all still navigating our new normal.  

In times of uncertainty.  In times of struggle, throughout the history of humankind, we have used music and dancing, the universal language of the world, to bring peace to our broken souls.


Today. Now, more than ever, the healing powers of music are needed. Children around the world have been impacted by Covid. Their lives, their world has changed drastically.  The healing powers of music are proven to relieve stress, anxiety, and sickness. A recent study even proved that music can increase a person's immune system just through listening and learning a new instrument.


 Imagine a moment in time when the world stops. And humans gather. Anywhere they are breathing. Anywhere they are living, with their heart beating. Anywhere they are around standing, in our vast beautiful world. They stop and sing one song together. 


This is Miracle Muzik Monday. A short sacred moment in time, where we all sing together. Monday, October 26th at 7:30 PM, the world will be invited to sing along with us as we are LIVE streaming the event from the beautiful venue at the Toyota Music Factory.


Many miracles have already happened to make this vision a reality.  Thank you to the incredible talent of American Idol finalist, Ron Bultongez for composing his original release for this event,  People We Don't Know.  The lyrics, and poetry of this masterpiece put to music what our hearts are longing for. Joy. Hope. Healing.


Thank you to the artist Jag for adding his poetry and passion to the project. He elevates the music and mission with his heart and lyrics.


We are grateful to the many businesses who have stood behind this mission and will be supporting this LIVE event.  


Baylor, Scott and White Medical Center

Irving Police department

Irving Fire Department

Irving Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Humane Society of Irving


The Reservoir



Join us. Stand with us.  Sing with us. Dance with us.  Safely, from wherever you are in the world. And together.  We become the miracle. The beautiful miracle that will heal and unite our broken world. One note. One human at a time.




Founder of The Finding Mozart Project




Sponsor a Child

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Sponsor a Child

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Sponsor a Child

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Sponsor a Child

Thank you for helping us make a difference!





Singer-songwriter Ron Bultongez is living the American Dream. From growing up in the Democratic Republic of Congo to being named the “Hometown Hero” of Plano, TX and becoming a Top 24 Finalist on American Idol 2018, where he left Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan in awe of his voice. Ron’s dreams have taken him far. His journey, depth, and spirit are evident in his smooth yet raspy vocals and his bluesy, soulful songwriting. Music saved Ron’s life when he needed a way to escape. He first sang in 6th grade choir. Later, friends offered Ron a keyboard and an acoustic guitar and he taught himself how to play both, using emotions to create rather than any formal training. However, music was something that came to him naturally and not something he ever dreamed of pursuing as a career.

Ron’s music tells a story. He has a message to share with the world. Since December 2015 he’s been sharing that message. So far he’s released 3 singles and 2 EP's. His inspirations range from the pop style of Justin Bieber, the bluesy grooves of John Mayer, folky touch inspired by Ed Sheeran, and the modern pop-rock of James Bay.


Andrés Ángel, is a young Salvadorian virtuoso pianist and composer. He was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, on January 15, 1994. He is currently 26 years old. From an early age he showed serious interest in the music scene, he had his first musical notions at the age of 4. Since he was a child, he wanted to play the piano, he prepared for it and began his formal studies of the instrument at the age of 12, with private teachers and in some music academies in San Salvador. Years later he graduated from Colegio Lamatepec and then began his medical career at Matías Delgado University to follow in his father's footsteps. However, his dream was different. Andrés played the piano always in his free time and his love for the piano grew more and more. Reason why he decided to travel and study classical music at the National Conservatory of Music of Guatemala, thus abandoning his medical studies to dedicate himself to his great passion. Andrés has performed in New York, Miami, Italy and different scenarios in Central America such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. He was always attracted to popular music and a variety of other genres. His eclectic musical tastes and the attraction of always setting new trends led him to break the classical pianist scheme and led him to try a great assortment of styles and sensibilities, with the vision of presenting piano music in a different way and reaching to younger audiences. His music belongs to the Crossover genre, where the pianist fuses classical piano technique with pop, rock, and various musical genres, allowing him to awaken new and unique sensibilities towards instrumental music. In 2016 he undertook the challenge of creating his own record material, a project that was never officially published. A year later, in April 2017, after winning a contest for musical proposals, his project receives financial support from benefactors of the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation (FCLG), as well as the support of distinguished Salvadoran businessmen who have always been supporting his career, to be able to innovate his musical proposal and make his first official record production in Europe. In April 2019 in San Salvador, El Salvador through a unique Piano show in his field, he presented the launch of his first studio album: INEFABLE. The Show was a SOLD OUT and a success in the artist's career. Since then Andrés has been traveling performing and seeking to take his music to many countries. His first studio album is entitled "INEFABLE", a word that refers to something that is so incredible or so great that it is impossible that it can be described simply by words. The production consists of 11 songs, among which there are originals and covers, all with epic musical arrangements, with film drums and a lot of orchestra, all with a very personal touch that brings out the sound and identity of Andrés out. The recording was made in 5 countries: Spain, Serbia, the United States, Costa Rica and Guatemala. The Salvadoran pianist recorded his piano in the studio of the famous Spanish producer Fran de Rivera, a studio where numerous personalities of music have passed such as Miguel Bosé, Carlos Marin (Il Divo), Marta Sanchez, La Oreja de Van Gogh, among others.

The album also features the participation of successful musicians in the music industry and internationally, two of whom have participated in Grammy Award-nominated productions. The album includes 2 songs "Featuring" in which Andrés receives collaborations from other artists, among which are the Spanish Guitarist Antonio Muñoz Fernández and Serbian Vocalist Asja Kadric, who is part of the staff of musicians of the renowned producer Hans Zimmer.



A live performing Texas artist featuring mostly mid-century classic country, bluegrass, western swing, honky-tonk. We place emphasis on keeping old country tunes that have been passed down for generations with a slightly different twist. Trucking music 1940’s to 1980’s with an emphasis on covering mostly Texas Artist such as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Ernest Tubb, Ray Price, Buck Owens & Hank Williams etc... We like the old time sounds of a pedal steel, upright bass, fiddle and acoustic guitar... let the strings speak for themselves. Hope to see you on the dance floor at our next upcoming event!

TK Brown is a 14-year-old Nashville Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist from Gun Barrel City, TX.  TK is a Contemporary Country Powerhouse, and her music typically delivers a modern country/pop style with a positive, inspirational message.  TK grew up listening to and enjoys a wide mixture of genres, but her favorite is New and Traditional Country.  When performing, she often blends the two in her own TK kind of style, and the music industry and fans are responding in amazing ways!​ In the past two years, TK has toured all over the U.S., performing at several fairs, festivals, community events, benefits, opry’s, coffee shops, restaurants, radio stations, private parties, and other misc. music venues.  ​She also always makes sure to take time to lead worship services at churches throughout the country, where ever she is while on tour. She has had the opportunity to sing at venues such as CMA Fest, Six Flags, State Fair of Texas, Splash Kingdom, Hard Rock Café, The Grand Ole Opry, and The Country Music Hall of Fame.