covid-19 relief efforts allow all children, ages 18 and under to apply for a scholarship for lessons under the finding Mozart project. 


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Who We Are

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has been said to have had 27 disorders as well as endured abject poverty spanning his short-lived life. Passing away at only 35 years old, Mozart, though a musical genius, was surrounded by an emotionally and physically unstable environment leaving future generations to consistently question, "What if?" in regard to his well-being and talent. The Finding Mozart Project is a 501c3 of RBR Muzik founded by Zoe Madewell. The project focuses on creating inclusive and fun stabilizing environments and curriculum for the underprivileged and gifted. 


The Finding Mozart Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating space and safely integrate children of all physical, emotional, intellectual, and financial challenges into mainstream fine arts and production. Through creative classes, peer practice, and financial aid we believe every difference each child brings to our programs creates an opportunity for music to play an important role in every life.


In three years we hope to establish permanent classes such as Peer Practice, Music Therapy, and Color-Music Theory as well as welcome global reach and create a partnership and sponsorship for Little Mozarts everywhere. We hope to recognize ALL of our Mozarts and their hard work in our recitals and productions continually bringing to light the desire for unity and change for a better future.

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Latest project

In 2020 a Peer Practice class will open. This group class will learn two-handed piano at a discounted rate under the leadership of Zoe Madewell and a class aid and provide opportunities for children of all abilities to interact and learn to advocate a wide range of friendship through music.  

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